Highlights and Reflections from N. America's Younger Leaders

Now that I've been home from the Lausanne Consultation for North American Younger Leaders (Madison, WI) for several days, I'm noticing that the Lausanne Movement is beginning to post some photos, audio and more from the event.  If you follow me closely, you've noted some of the outcomes already related to what we do at Trinity International.  Today, let me just share with you a couple of the things being made available for your encouragement.

First, there are a couple blog posts from some of my fellow younger leaders that offer reflections on the recent event.  This first is from Adam Jeske, the "Social Media Czar" at Intervarsity.  I met Adam during a special social media breakfast at the Madison gathering.

Why Last Week Reassured Me about the Next Forty Years at Executing Ideas:

Then here is another post, this one from Matt Brown.  Matt is an evangelist and the founder of a ministry called Think Eternity.  I've known Matt since we were "official" bloggers together for Cape Town 2010.

Lausanne Movement Younger Leaders

If you are interested, there are a number of photos from the Younger Leaders event available here. Additionally, there is the audio from all the plenary sessions available here.  Earlier today, I tweeted out Dharius Daniels' closing charge entitled "Bring the Noise".  I'd then point you to Chris Heuertz' very powerful message.  If you want more, I'd recommend Sarita Gallagher's presentation (sounds a lot like her dad).  There are some other great ones there as well.

Beyond that, I encourage you to start tracking and spreading the hashtag #imonthepath. You'll eventually understand why.

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