Welcome to America: I Hate You!

Photo by AZRainman
I found the below article a bit unnerving.

Refugees and immigrants in the United States, let me say something to you today.  I have spent countless hours among you. I have taught you to shop, read mail, speak English, do your taxes, drive, and get your citizenship. I've been with you in court, in the hospital, and in the funeral home.  I've tried to tell you about Jesus and learn as much from you as I can. In return, you have driven me almost completely crazy and have, at times, greatly loved me.  Additionally, I have learned from you how to cook, how to dance, how to think, and how to love.

So, let me say without mincing words:

I love you and respect you tremendously.  I am glad you are in the United States.  I wish our borders were more open and that refugee camps around the world were more empty.  Welcome to America! I apologize for the massive amounts of idiots who are my fellow countrymen.  Eventually, you will make them better.  Don't lose heart. There are many like me who actually appreciate you.  There are those among you who rejoice when they see you move into their neighborhoods. We are richer with you.  We are poorer without you.

2012 June 05 « Friends of Refugees“Welcome to America” served as a derisive cheer hurled across the field when the fairer-skinned team scored against a team made up of refugees and asylum seekers from Nepal, Bhutan, Iraq, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Eritrea, Tanzania and Guinea. It was perhaps the most creative insult (but far from the first) we have experienced since forming our teams of young refugees in 2009…


  1. Well put! My life is indeed much richer because of time spent with dear refugee friends. I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've had to walk along side refugee families as they attempt to make a good life in this foreign land. I'm so thankful for the refugee friends who have become like family to me.