Children with HIV in Asia resistant to AIDS drugs

HIV/AIDS has lost some of its headlines in the West.  I remember my high school days with Magic Johnson, made-for-TV movies, and public awareness campaigns.  It seemed then that HIV/AIDS was threatening our very way of life.  But, that fear gave way to the fear of terrorism and now to the fear of economic collapse.  We are rich and comfortable enough to have a short attention span on these things.  The rest of the world isn't so lucky . . .

Children with HIV in Asia resistant to AIDS drugs: "HONG KONG (Reuters) - Teenagers in Asia receiving treatment for HIV are showing early signs of osteoporosis and children as young as five are becoming resistant to AIDS drugs, an anti-AIDS group said on Thursday, urging more attention be given to young HIV patients.  The finding, made available on World AIDS Day, is a reminder that while more people in Asia now have access to basic AIDS drugs, improved medicines remain out of reach and patients -- both adults and children -- still suffer from inadequate care. In Asia, some 160,000 children are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes AIDS. Of these, 57,000 require treatment but only 30,000 were receiving it as of the end of 2008, according to UNICEF."

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