What’s Wrong with Tim Tebow? - Rich Lowry - National Review Online

I don't watch much football these days and I usually don't get that excited about every athlete that thanks God for a homerun, touchdown, or MVP award. However, I really liked Rich Lowery's article on Tim Tebow in National Review. Here we see that it isn't all the genuflections and mentions of Jesus that really draw people to Christ. Such things are just trimmings. The substance is a life of godly character lived under the Lordship of Jesus.

What’s Wrong with Tim Tebow? - Rich Lowry - National Review Online: "By any reasonable standard, though, Tebow is a blessing. He won’t be getting arrested for groping a woman at a Halloween party (Julian Edelman), for accidently shooting himself with the Glock he smuggled into the dance club (Plaxico Burress), or for running a dog-fighting ring (Michael Vick). He won’t be taking performance-enhancing drugs. He may or may not continue his success on the field, but he will do everything he can to respect his teammates and his God.
Here is a prominent player who will almost certainly never require fathers to make awkward explanations to their kids about some spectacular scandal. Rejoice, America, rejoice.

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