Refugee Students Grapple with Racism

Rundlett students talk about hate speechI like how the schools in Concord, NH are getting real about racial tensions involving refugees. Most news articles I've read seem to deny that violence against refugees has anything to do with race, culture, or identity. Those of us on the ground know better. This is helpful article and certainly inspires me to open the conversation up more in our community.

Students grapple with racism | Concord Monitor: "They don't understand why anyone would drive past a park and yell racial epithets and obscenities at kids, they said. They don't understand why someone would write paragraphs of hate on three homes this weekend, proclaiming the refugee residents "unwelcome" "mud people" who have brought death and crime to the city."

UPDATE: Seems the people of Concord are uniting against the anti-refugee hatred that has been spewed out by some in that city.  The following article speaks of a "Love Your Neighbor" rally that was held there during which the Mayor and other officials publicly welcomed refugees from many nations that now have been resettled there.  Bravo!

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