Roundheads: A Bhutanese Pizza Review

This may seem strange.

Odd content for a missiology blog, right?  Well, keep in mind that mine is a kind of missiology "on the way" blog -- lived missiology.  With that in mind, sometimes you have to just take your mind off things.  Last weekend was kind of a nightmare and in the midst of it, a few of us just needed to unplug and eat pizza. I went with a couple individuals from our Bhutanese-Nepali community with whom I am very close and we decided to try a pizza place that was totally new to all of us.  We ended up at Roundhead's Pizza and Pub.

leftlogo4As we were eating, we thought that it would be good for us to visit every local pizza place around and to review them, just for fun. And, well, I suppose as long as they're buying, I'm game.  So here's the deal: I had to come up with a point/scoring system that would make sense to them. Scales of 1-10 or A-F are a bit foreign.  So, we decided to use Little Caesar's as a base line.  Around here, the $5 "hot and ready" pizzas are the standard for the Bhutanese-Nepalis.  So, after we finished eating our tasty, medium double-dough, pepperoni and jalapeño 14-incher, I asked my fellow food critics, "How many Little Caesar's pizzas would you trade for one of these?" Our scores:

Critic #1 -- 1.5 Caesars
Critic #2 -- 2 Caesars
Critic #3 -- 2 Caesars

So there you have it! Roundhead's gets a score of 1.83 Caesars in our first-ever Bhutanese Pizza Review.  Since this is our first review, I have no way of knowing how good a score that will prove to be.  But, I know we all left feeling full and having enjoyed the tasty fare.

If you've eaten at Roundhead's, let us know what you think of it.


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