Bhutanese refugees: American dream tantalizes, deceives | OregonLive.com

Here's another good article that I feel it is important for Americans to read. Often, I have found that American Christians who volunteer among Bhutanese-Nepalis have a sense that the new refugee families will have almost nothing but love for their new country. However, as this article points out, the American dream is deceptive. Many who arrive quickly and frequently find themselves wanting to return to Nepal.

Another important point that this article brings out is the issue of suicide. Suicide is a concept that is deeply ingrained in the Nepali mythic structure -- that is, in the stories of the people. Take some time to watch a few Nepali films and you will see that suicide is a prominent theme, not nearly as taboo as subject as it is in American culture. Bhutanese-Nepalis often speak of suicide, of wanting to "go away from this world." Christ-followers who desire to bear witness to Christ among the Bhutanese-Nepalis must be mindful of this and know how to respond.

Here's the article:

Bhutanese refugees: American dream tantalizes, deceives | OregonLive.com

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