I think I like Pastors

The past two days, I've been crashing some networking meals that our state Baptist convention has organized for Chicagoland pastors.  Lunch yesterday mostly with Korean pastors.  Dinner last night with a bunch of (mostly) Hispanic pastors.  Today was lunch with about a dozen African American pastors.

As I drove home today, it just occurred to me that I really enjoyed the gatherings.  There was something kind of sweet about the time together.  You know, I've actually been in ministry for 16 years now.  That's not much compared to some, but neither is it anything to sneeze at.  And really, I only bring that up to say that I've been around a lot of pastors and I know that a lot of them are real jerks.  And, I can say that because I know that I am sometimes a real jerk.  No kidding, sometimes I'm very difficult to be around.

But, well, I am just saying ... I've enjoyed being with these Chicagoland leaders during the past couple days. I like the old guys who have put in decades of service and who look confused when you talk about "retirement plans".  I like the young guys who feel pretty sure that God can do anything and probably will through their new ministries.

One guy today mentioned that he had just turned 40 and had two sets of twins.  Another had to leave before the meal so he could be at the hospital when one of his church members was taken off life support.  Another said he retired at the age of 80 but began pastoring again at 83 because a church essentially begged him to take the pulpit.

These are kind of remarkable people.  I'm not talking about the crooks with the mansions and the bling.  That's not most of them.  And, I don't know where I'm going with this.  Just rambling, reflecting . . .

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