Darshan: Ministry Sanctuaries

["Darshan" is a Sanskrit term that can be translated as "viewing with devotion" or "lovingly reflecting". It is a form of meditation. But enough about that. I'm going to use it to mark out posts on this blog that are simply quick reflections. Different from news clippings or missiology posts. Do you get what I mean?]

This summer has been a tremendous challenge. As some of you know, health problems, busyness, etc. have been slowing me down.  In ministry and missions, indeed things can get overwhelming. Sometimes it becomes difficult to know what to do next. Often, I find myself doing one thing only to begin quickly doubting myself, thinking that I should be doing something else. Or perhaps ten other things.

This past week, I have found myself talking about the need for ministry sanctuaries. By that, I mean refuges in ministry that protect you from the clouds of doubt and the voices which tell you that you should rather be doing something else.  These are ministry activities that are so pure, so simple, so Biblical that doing them removes you from the worry of all that you are not doing.

Prayerwalking is one of those things. As is visiting and ministering to the sick. For me, blessing and dedicating babies is another.  When I engage in these things, I feel it doesn't matter what I am not doing. They are sanctuaries.  If you are in ministry or missions, you also need these kinds of sanctuaries.  And you need to visit them often.

Here are the two Nepali babies I conducted naming ceremonies for during the past couple weekends:

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