Ten Things Men and Boys Can Do to Stop Human Trafficking

Photo by Eric Parker
Here's a great post from over at the Ms. Blog Magazine by Jewel Woods.  I'm not familiar with Woods or the site, but I really like this list and encourage you to give it some thought.  I do know that the post is not written from a Biblical perspective, so there is opportunity here for Christ-followers to read, reflect, and recreate a list with a Christ-centered worldview.

When I was recently at the American Society of Missiology symposium on human trafficking, this was an issue that was raised front and center.  If we want to get serious about the problem of human trafficking, we must get serious about dealing with the demand.  While the government can legislate and NGOs can bring aid, rescue and aftercare, only the Church can deal meaningfully with the moral issue of man's demand for sex slaves.

I hope you will take the time to check out the full article at Ms. Blog Magazine, where Woods provides a lot of solid insight and explanation.  For now, let me just give you here top ten:

1. Challenge the glamorization of pimps in our culture.
2. Confront the belief that prostitution is a "victimless crime".
3. Stop patronizing strip clubs.
4. Don't consume pornography.
5. Tackle male chauvinism and sexism online.
6. End sex tourism.
7. Talk to men and boys about men's issues in male spaces.
8. Support anti-human trafficking policies.
9. Support creation of John Schools.
10. Raise sons and mentor boys to challenge oppression.

A great list, to be sure.  I would love someone out there to rethink this list and provide a Christocentric one.  Let me know if you have thoughts!

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