PeopleMov.In - Terrific Diaspora Resource!

Photo By archer10 (Dennis)
Creating cool visualizations is all the rage these days.  I'm constantly seeing them on RSS feeds that I follow.  Most of them really don't seem all that helpful to me.  However, what Carlo Zapponi has created over at PeopleMov.In is something truly special.  Essentially, he has provided an interactive visualization that allows you to see A=>B and B=>A diaspora movement.  Want to know where Albanians in diaspora are moving to?  How about Turks or Nepalis? Just a click away from a very helpful visual portrayal.

As a bonus, Zapponi has listed what he calls the top migration "corridors".  Here's a sneak peak:

Top migration corridorssee more

He also lists that top nations people are moving to and from.  Great stuff! So, for those of you who have a heart for the "people on the move", do yourself a favor and check out today.

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